EVA 16 2.0 – Audio Management System

Reliable, Cheap, Expandable… What more do you need?

EVA 16 2.0 Audio Management System, as part of a Public Address, Voice Alarm and Evacuation System (SAA), is used to control and monitor all required communication and safety functions as required by EN 54-16.

Six Audio inputs (4x PRG/music sources & 2x AUX) and 5 audio outputs (4x OUT / 1x Backup), to connect up to eight 100V amplifiers (up to 500W/channel), are available on the EVA 16 2.0 unit

Automatic switch over to a backup amplifier in case of an amplifier failure. Besides monitoring of the connected amplifier, the EVA 16 2.0 monitors the connected backup power supply as well.

Expansion to a large, more complex system through integrated G&M interfaces. Master/Slave function of the EVA 16 2.0 can be configured using the menu settings.

Continuous, inaudible functional monitoring of the loudspeaker lines for short to earth, short circuit, line-interruption and impedance deviation, even while announcements take place or during playback of music sources. Inaudible disconnection of a loudspeaker line in case a short-circuit has been found.

The loudspeaker line extension system EVALINE 2.0 (8x A/B 100V loudspeaker lines), provides simple expansion of loudspeaker lines (up to 10 EVALINE units).


Intercoms for the voice alarm system – EVA

EVA 16 TER 2.0

Monitored, microprocessor-controlled system intercom designed for connection to EVA 16 2.0 for announcements in up to 80 selectable speaker zones.

The built-in LCD display allows monitoring of the respective operating states.

Main Features:

  • Separate emergency call button.
  • Operator-specific programming for individual, group, collective, and emergency announcements with corresponding priority levels.
  • Concealed buttons for pre-alarm, evacuation, music on/off, volume control for announcements, and fault indication with attention signal.

EVA 16 SYS 80 2.0

Microprocessor-controlled EVA 16 system intercom for announcements to up to 80 user-selectable speaker zones; monitored in partial functions as per programming.

The built-in two-line LCD display allows monitoring of respective operating states.

Main Features:

  • Separate button for initiating the alarm message.
  • Labeling option for individual call zones.
  • Operator-specific programming: collective and individual calls with corresponding priority levels.”

EVA 16 SYS 2 P 2.0

System intercom for EVA 16 2.0 with 2 call buttons and busy indicator.

Main features:

  • Concealed alarm trigger.
  • With 2.5m connection cable, 9-pin SUB-D plug (SprSt) to RJ 45 (connection box).”