LDA-Products and NSC Sicherheitstechnik

After the successful integration of the LDA products “NEO” and “ONE” in 2019, representing a significant enrichment in the voice alarm range (both technological as well as cost effective), the next step towards a successful future, followed on 01.03.2020. For quite some time combining voice alarm systems with fire alarm technology has been considered.

Since distribution channels and target markets are largely identical for both businesses, synergies are obvious. After many conversations we decided to look for a strong partner active in fire alarm industry. Searching for this partner was easy, as we already have a valued partnership for many years with NSC Sicherheitstechnik, developer and manufacturer of fire alarm systems. The owners of NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH also share this view.

It did not take long before both parties agreed to build the future together. To show employees, suppliers and specially customers, how serious they take this synergy, NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has made a significant contribution to become shareholder of Gräf & Meyer GmbH.

For our mutual partners this results in considerable time and cost savings – paired with a high level of advisory skills and with combined procurement of goods – all from one contact person.

As of July 1st, 2020, both voice alarm systems as well as fire alarm systems will be offered out of one hand.

A total of 12 skilled sales representatives for the national market are at your disposal, as well as six independent offices in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Dubai and in addition, two sales offices in London and Moscow.

Together with LDA AudioTech and NSC Sicherheitstechnik, it is our goal to continue the successful road ahead and to supply both the European and partly the global market with the latest technologies and to present tailored solutions meeting our customers’ needs.

Why do we deal with this?

“Imagine staying in a hotel overnight and somewhere seems to have happened something, maybe even a threatening danger; nobody informs or tells you what to do, just sirens are heard. Guests standing in corridors and wonder how they should behave and respond.”
The same can happen in many other public buildings… such as shopping malls, office buildings, industrial plants, railway stations, airports, as well as schools and hotels, where many people are present at different times.

This is one of the main reasons why a reliable, acoustical Life Safety concept is essential for announcing of inevitable safety information. All people at danger shall be safely guided out of the danger area by emergency response or automated alarming/alerting and responding instructions.

In general, public address systems are used to distribute speech and/or music to a wider public. Depending on the project – indoor or outdoor – there are various requirements to ensure correct transmission and quality of speech/sound reproduction in terms of sound pressure level (SPL) and speech intelligibility (STI).

Differences are made depending on the type of event, for example live events such as conferences, concerts or theater performances with very high quality demands, and the particular PA systems, where the present people get entertained, informed and possibly have to be evacuated.

The Managment Presents Itself

Founded in 1994 and handed over to the next generation of General Managers in October 2019 after more than 25 meaningful years. 

The preparations already started in 2014. These days, Jürgen Meyer, one of the owners wanted to concentrate on his private future and resigned his position as general manager. From this time on Walter Gräf and Harald Behlich (2021) shared the position as General Managers in pairs. At that time, they developed a future plan to handover their positions to the future generation with the acceptance of the employees and customers.

2019 this transition to the new Generation was made. “We are glad to introduce Michael Ehrlich responsible for the technical sector and Patric Landes responsible for commercial and strategic sector as new general managers and shareholders.”

Mr. Ehrlich joined the company in 2013 as engineer for hard and software development. From 2016 he was technical manager at Gräf & Meyer GmbH, so he was always responsible for technical processes and their constant improvements, professional customer support and the high standards of product quality.

“Innovative Products of top quality and an elevated claim on the customer support are our passion.”
Michael Ehrlich, General Manager Gräf & Meyer GmbH

Mr. Landes joined the company in 2009 responsible for IT. Since 2012 he was responsible for the implementation of the ERP system and since 2014 he started to support the certification and the constant recertification of the company and the Products according to ISO 9001 and EN 54-16. In 2017, before he gets the new position of General Manager, he became authorized representative for G&M.

“Our Voice Alarm Systems (VACIE) are highly reliable and scalable. Our service is appreciated worldwide. Through the consistent team development, especially our sales team, we want to achieve a growth in our market shares in the future.”
Patric Landes, General Manager Gräf & Meyer GmbH

With this strategic realignment, our reliable processes, and our well-established motivated team we achieved a business combination with the very successful company LDA Audio Tech located in Spain. Together with our sales and product management team we will expand our product range with very interesting and very innovative products in the future.

Our target is to continue this new approach together with LDA Audio Tech to supply the worldwide market with state-of-the-art technology.

The manufacturing of the products is subject of constant quality control through notified bodies. ISO 9001 is our standard. In addition, we train our technical staff according DIN14675.

Every VA product line is certified according to EN 54-16


Our Cooperation with LDA

The cooperation between LDA Audio Tech and Gräf & Meyer GmbH started in 2014 in Malaga.

At that time, managing directors and the technical managers visited LDA to consult with them about products, key markets, general market developments and a possible future cooperation.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

The technologies of both companies have been compared with each another, the applicability for the German market has been investigated, standards reviewed and possible communication interfaces have been defined.

In the years after our relationship continued and it became clear that together we had to determine necessary measures to adapt LDA products for, among others, the German key market, which we continued to develop together.

2019 has been an eventful year for Gräf & Meyer GmbH. After 25 meaningful years, 2019 stands for a generation change at Gräf & Meyer GmbH: we are very pleased to have Mr. Patric Landes (Administration and Sales) and Mr. Michael Ehrlich (Development and Technology) on board as new shareholders & Managing Directors and in addition, Mr. Ramon Zwaga (International Sales) as new shareholder as well.

„The future belongs to us“

With this realignment we have succeeded to establish a partnership agreement with LDA Audio Tech, who is very successful in Southern Europe. We take over the markets of Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland as LDA Partner.

In the future, LDA Audio Tech and Gräf & Meyer GmbH will continue to expand their partnership in order to focus on their respective strengths in the interests of our customers.

In order to satisfy you as our customer even more, which we value as most important above all: it is our mission to engage our promise to continue our invest in our three corporate pillars; Sales, Technical Support and Rack Assembly.

State-of-the-art technology combined with professional support, versatile applications and customer oriented and needs-based planning is what you can continue to expect.