One – Who said small?

ONE is a complete Plug-and-Play Audio Management System according to EN 54-16 / EN 54-4, in which Class D power amplifiers as well as a battery charger including battery are integrated in a single 2U enclosure.

The innovative Wall & Rack design allows mounting on a wall as well as in a rack, depending on the requirements of each project.

ONE includes 2 class D 100V amplifiers up to 500W of which 1 is used as backup amplifier in a sophisticated way, 6 independent audio zones, 3 priority controlled audio inputs, DSP, 6×6 digital audio matrix as well as a double message player for pre-recorded EVAC / ALERT messages. In addition, up to 8 paging stations can be connected.

ONE is very easy to install and configure, without the need for external applications or software. It also perfectly integrated with third-party technologies.

The design of ONE has been developed to require very little space. Optionally, ONE can also be mounted in an E30/F30 wall mount rack, thus saving on the costs for an E30/F30 room as required by local standards. As setup, commissioning and maintenance of a ONE system are very simple, this can significantly save time and costs.

Product video ONE

Second generation of „ONE 500“

now available

LDA ONE reinvents itself and becomes expandable
The system now offers up to 60 zones and a total output of up to 5000 W.

The ONE 500, the most compact and cost-effective public address and Voice Alarm System on the EN 54 market, continues to develop. It becomes ONE v2, a solution that can now be expanded thanks to a firmware update and the creation of a proprietary ring with standard UTP cabling (LOOP04 / LOOP10).

The entire scaled System-ONE, and thus each of the associated devices and their cascade function, corresponds to the EN 54-16 standard.

To set up a ONE v2 system with expansion, you only have to use a single expansion card per system and only add this to the master device to close the ring of UTP cabling.

In order to achieve maximum flexibility and adaptation to the needs of our national and international customers, this new functionality was made available as part of an extensive firmware update. This was developed by our research and development department in Spain. The new firmware of ONE v2 makes it possible to cascade several ONE500 devices via a proprietary UTP cable ring. This means that a total of up to 10 ONE devices can be connected together to form a 60-zone system with a total output of 5,000W.

With immediate effect, all ONE devices delivered use the v2 firmware and the expandable functionality; strong>the previous devices can easily be updated with the same hardware and integrated expansion card *

ONE v2 is therefore the ideal system for installations with multiple zones and for installations with variable performance. This is the case with office buildings, schools, medical centers and hotels; a scalable and modular solution is required there, which does not do without advanced functions in terms of security and reliability.

Easy to configure and flexible
The network topology consists of master and slave devices with an extremely simple arrangement: All hardware units are the same, the devices with the connected expansion card can easily be configured as master and automatically search for the other connected devices.

The length between two connected ONE devices can be up to 200 meters.

Each device also offers all known ONE functions independently: integrated battery charger according to EN 54-4, backup amplifier, priority management and the option of A / B loudspeaker lines

Expansion modules are available!

How does the ONE500 device become a fully functional ONE v2? By installing an expansion card “ONE-LOOP” (mini PCI-e format) to the master device in order to be able to close the UTP cabling ring. Only one expansion card (module) is required per system.

This module offers redundant communication within the system to be monitored and controlled in accordance with the requirements of the EN 54 standard. Two card models have been developed:

  1. ONE-LOOP04, expansion module for ONE systems with up to   4 devices
  2. ONE-LOOP04, expansion module for ONE systems with up to 10 devices

Maximum functionality and scalable operability

In their expanded configuration, both the master and the slaves include up to 6 zones each and 500 W of amplification @100 V, with the possibility of playing up to 2 simultaneous audios per unit

Up to 8 ACSI sources can be connected to the master device, sources such as MPS-8Z microphone or VAP-1 evacuation panel. So that these units will be used to launch voice or pre-recorded messages to any zone of the system (master or slaves) through keyboard expansion.

The master unit also incorporates 1 general audio source that is available in all slave units. This source can be background music (BGM), an analog microphone, or even a mixture of both signals. Both the master and the slaves also include 2 local audio sources: one for background music and one for microphone or BGM, to choose from.

All the system equipment (masters and slaves) have 2 playlists with internal pre-recorded messages (EVAC and ALERT) for every 6 zones.

The integration of the system with fire panels can be done generally in any unit (EMG and RST interface) or zonally, using each of the ONE slave units. Likewise, each unit may be integrated through MODBUS RTU.

All master-slave device communication is ensured through the ring’s proprietary protocol, including supervision of slave devices and notification of failures and evacuation, among other functions.

*) Only equipment with serial number 20xxxxx or greater can be updated!

Possible 19″ rack mounting

Intercoms for the voice alarm system – ONE

Microphone A-1

The A-1 is a high performance desktop microphone for professional Public Address installations. It has lighting indicators in order to show active state, line busy or permission-to-speak granted.

Thanks to its internal microcontroller, it is able to work under different systems and with different operational modes: on/off button, push to talk button, RS-485 communication or TTL through 2 wires, advise-tone to initiate/cut communication and TTL control level selection.

It is an ideal paging microphone to be placed at any point of the installation due to its small dimensions, its elegant design and its high resistance material.

Main Features
  • High performances dynamic capsule
  • Local power supply.
  • Audio gain setting.
  • Configurable contact relay for auxiliary system.
  • Busy line and conceded-word indicators.
  • Lighting indicator placed in the goose-neck.
  • Suitable for NEO or SONORA PA/VA systems.


Microphone MPS-8Z

The MPS-8Z is a high-performance digital paging station for the PA/VA system NEO.

Up to 8 MPS-8Z paging microphones can be connected in a bus configuration to the ACSI bus of the NEO system via CAT5 cable. The ACSI bus allows a maximum distance of 1Km and provides priority levels between the devices connected to the bus. It has 8 buttons for paging to 8 zones and additional zone buttons can be added with MPS-8K units. It features an “all-call” button, busy line signal and auto-lock function.

The MPS-8Z offers an event button that combined with the zone buttons allow a wide variety of system functions such as launching pre-recorded messages or loading presets. The sound processing has been configured to achieve high-quality results on the paging of voice, in terms of distortion, sensitivity, bandwidth and signal/noise ratio.

It has an iron chassis to provide superior stability and protection against damage. All buttons are designed for intensive use.

Main Features
  • 8-zone programmable buttons.
  • Event activator.
  • Recall function.
  • Auto-lock function.
  • LED indications for zone selection.
  • LED indicators of the LDA NEO system’s state (EMG, FLT or LINK).
  • LED Indicators of busy and conceded word.
  • Power directly from NEO thorough the UTP Cable and
  • High performance durable microphone capsule.


Expansion keyboard MPS-8K

Expansion unit for the paging microphone MPS-8Z.

It adds 8 extra programmable buttons that can be assigned to different zones by the NEO configurator software. It includes a transparent cover for zone’s names indication. Up to 7 MPS-8K units per MPS-8Z microphone.

Main Features
  • 8 buttons with zone selection.
  • Iron chasis to provide superior stability and protection against damages.
  • Buttons designed for an intensive use.
  • Finished in Fe, Grey RAL 7016.

Microphone MPS-8Z+

The MPS-8Z+ is a high performance digital paging station with a compact and versatile design.

Up to 32 MPS-8Z+ microphones can be connected in a bus
configuration via the ASCI bus, configured with the v2
version, of the system, using CAT5 cable.
This connection allows  a  maximum  distance  of  1000m  and  provides configurable priority levels between the devices connected to the bus. The MPS-8Z+ can be remotely controlled and configured.

It has 8 programmable software paging buttons for up to
8 zones and additional zone buttons can be added with
MPS-8K+ units.

The sound processing has been configured to achieve high quality results on the paging of voice, in terms of distortion, sensitivity, bandwidth and signal/noise ratio.

General features:

  • 8-zone programable buttons.
  • System event activator.
  • Recall function.
  • Auto-lock function.
  • Power-saving mode.
  • “Store & Forward” functionality.
  • LED indications for zone selection.
  • LED indicators of the LDA system’s state (Emergency, Fault or Link).
  • LED Indicators of busy and conceded word.
  • Power directly from the system through the UTP cable.
  • High performance durable microphone capsule.


Voice Alarm Panel VAP-1

The Voice Alarm Panel VAP 1 is designed to provide NEO with evacuation system controls for different areas.

It allows to know the condition of the system and broadcast both live and pre-recorded alarm and evacuation warnings through up to 56 selection memories of evacuation zones.

This is possible because it can equip up to 7 expansion keyboards with 8 zone memories each one. Moreover, expansion keyboards available allow it to adjust to the special features of each system.

The equipment also offers the chance to choose the source of the power supply between local or supplied through the ACSI bus. The ACSI bus allows a maximum total wiring of 1000m (914.4 yrd) and offers priority levels for the devices connected in bus mode.

It has functions such as volume control, dynamic sound adjustment and programmable buttons that allow other system functions such as pre-recorded messages broadcasting.

It has a metallic chassis that provides stability and protection against damage. All the buttons are designed for instensive use.

The VAP-1 includes an Event button to automatically launch VA events pre-configured in NEO Configurator.

Main Features
  • Up to 56 group memories of up to 8 zones per memory (448 zones of the system).
  • VA Event launcher
  • Prior notice tone
  • Volume adjustment
  • Indicators for: Power supply, General Emergency state, General Fault condition, Link with system,  Power supply fault, Emergency microphone fault.
  • Broadcasting of voice evacuation message and pre-recorded message indicator
  • Broadcasting of voice evacuation recorded message indicator
  • Remote control indicator
  • Emergency controls, Reset, Acknowledge, Test, Alarm message, Evacuation message
  • Side port to connect up to 7 expansion keyboards
  • Priority configuration and operating parameters
  • Local or peripheral power supply
  • Wall or 19” rack installation

Expansion Unit VAP-8K

The VAP 8K is an expansion keyboard for the Voice Alarm Panel VAP 1.

It has 8 software programmable buttons for paging to a maximum of 8 additional zones.

Each VAP can equip up to 7 expansion keyboards through a port on the side that allows the installation on the right side of the main unit. Thus, it can address up to 448 zones.

Main Features
  • 8 additional buttons for the VAP-1 unit
  • Up to 7 VAP-8K can be connected together
  • Busy zone indicators
  • Metallic chassis that provides stability and protection against damage.
  • Local power supply