NEO+ -The evolution-

The NEO+ series is launched with a newly developed ETX-3 module, AES67/Dante® compatible Layer 3 audio transmission, a new DSP and a more powerful processor. This is accompanied by the introduction of the EVAC Ecosystem – a cloud management system based on the highest security standards, which opens up a wide range of monitoring, control and remote access options.

Our partner LDA Audiotech announces the launch of the NEO+ public address and voice evacuation system, an advancement of the globally deployed NEO series. Now featuring AES67/Dante® compatible audio technology, a more powerful processor, the functionality of a ‘Hot-Plug-Backup’ redundant central unit, direct connection capability for up to 32 system or emergency call stations, and up to 128 call stations over NEXO in the network; all this, of course, while maintaining EN 54-16 certification.

NEO+ is accompanied by another significant innovation: EVAC Control and EVAC Cloud are applications for controlling and monitoring all system devices by accessing them remotely, or locally using a desktop application. These fully integrated security platforms enable remote access as the basis for possible remote maintenance work and automated system notifications.

These and additional system components complete the range for integrating new functions, expanding connectivity, and the capability to integrate third-party systems over IP networks.

NEO+ Serie

NEO+ represents the further development of  the mature NEO series and has adapted to market requirements with the completion of the development cycle. You can look forward to seeing what is in store for us.

The NEO series was launched in 2016 and has been continuously developed ever since. Now we are going one step further and offering new installation and integration options, with EN 54-16 certification remaining the benchmark.

The well-known, intuitive operability and the proven plug-and-play concept will be maintained. Gräf & Meyer would like to thank our partner LDA for the successful cooperation with the common goal of meeting the market requirements in a networked world. Many of our wishes and ideas have been implemented in NEO+. Our product management is extremely satisfied and looks to the future with confidence and many implementation options and added value for our partners.

NEO+ includes a new communication module based on the AES67 standard for digital audio transmission. This open standard allows for easy connection to various audio-over-IP-based systems from different manufacturers and is a standard that can be used without dependence on costly proprietary technologies.

NEO+ also introduces the EN54-16 certified 16-channel Dante®-to-AES67 digital audio converter, which ensures full compatibility when receiving Dante® sources.

The AES67 protocol enables the design of systems with low bandwidth requirements, fully monitored to detect any disturbances, and easily integrated into other security, audio and video systems operating on the same network.

In loop mode, the NEO+ system allows the simultaneous use of 8 AES67 channels for audio from the main controller or 56 AES67 channels for background music and microphone units.

NEO+ also has a new internal processor that is more modern and powerful. It is the heart of the main unit, which manages all the functions of the voice alarm system to the highest standard, the EN 54-16 certification.

The new series adds the function of the redundant central unit, which secures the core of the NEO+ system and protects it against any kind of failure or malfunction in the installation. This makes it possible to connect two NEO-8060+ main controllers in a ring. One controller assumes the role of the main unit and the other the role of the backup unit. If the backup unit loses contact with the main unit when communication is interrupted, the backup unit takes over, automatically connects to the remaining components in the ring and takes over control. This ensures that the safety system continues to function.


Up to 128 NEO components can be connected to each other in one ring.

Another new system component in this ring is the NEXO Tool-Box. This accessory, which is included in the EN54-16 certification, is the link between the ACSI v2 bus for connecting the emergency/system stations and the central unit. In addition, NEXO expands the system with up to 2 AES67 channels, 8 configurable GPIOs and offers the ACSIv2 Loop option for redundant connection of the emergency/system stations.

A system can include up to 32 NEXO units that communicate directly with NEO-8060+ main or NEO-8060+ backup units.

NEO+ Facelift

This facelift includes a redesigned front panel with symbol-based graphics, enhancing user-friendliness and accessibility without sacrificing important content.

EVAC- Ecosystem

To further simplify the operation of NEO+ systems, LDA has developed running EVAC portals on the EN54 certified EVAC CORE (short ECORE). These portals enable the management of all system devices locally and/or remotely.

EVAC Control is the application on an ECORE for managing and monitoring NEO+ and NEO systems, both for single sites and decentralized locations.

EVAC Cloud enables monitoring and secure remote connection according to EN 54 for alarm management of NEO+ and NEO systems. It provides secure remote access for advanced configuration functions via NEO Configurator. This application is also implemented with the ECORE.

The two digital tools offer optional licenses to extend remote control across individual locations to NEO+ multi-site systems.

NEO+ is the result of several years of hard work by the research and development team of LDA Audiotech and Gräf & Meyer GmbH in the field of audio transmission over Ethernet. With these innovations, the system ensures a safe, reliable and flexible implementation of any voice alarm project in compliance with the requirements of EN-54-16.