TELAVOICE initially represents a warning and emergency system used in crisis and emergency situations, for example in schools or public buildings, in conjunction with an alarm system or a voice alarm system, to alert and provide accurate information to people at risk. TELAVOICE was among other developed in accordance with the DIN VDE 0827-1 / -2 NGRS standard (Emergency and Hazard Response System). The internal message storage can store up to four alarm/alert messages, which can be triggered either via telephone (incl. mobile phone) or via emergency detectors.

Additional messages locations (up to 99) can be used for other applications (for example: generic announcements or advertisements), which are stored on a standard SD card in MP3 format. Activation of these additional messages can take place via potential-free contacts, but also via the telephone keypad.

Emergency-System / Message storage / Audio router

TELAVOICE can also be used as an audio router for playback of live spoken telephone announcements. For this feature a simple connection between the telephone system and public-address system is required.

In addition to this, TELAVOICE also features an input for background music and four separate audio outputs to connect to an Emergency Warning System, a Voice Alarm System, or to a simple unmonitored mixer amplifier.

TELAVOICE T4 – Includes, in addition to all TELAVOICE features, four integrated buttons with cover, to activate the four alarm/alert messages.

DCR 12 Message Player

Wherever there is lively activity (in shopping malls, textile shops, shoe stores, airports, restaurants and hotels), the owner will have to commit themselves to inform their customers and employees about the recommended precautionary measures, such as keeping safety distance and often wash or disinfect hands.

All buildings that owns a voice alarm system (VAS), public address system (PA) or a background music system (BGM) should use these systems to broadcast announcements about these precautionary measures.

For precisely this purpose, we offer you a flexible, easy-to-install and interval-controlled solution. It enables you to, in regular interval, play the corona safety instructions in the building regardless of the manufacturer VAS, PA or BGM type.

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